Issues In Learning English

Декабрь 16, 2016

English is well known to be a global language. It’s so because the majority of population across the world understands English. According to a survey, two out of ten people all around the world write, read, speak or at the least understand this language. In more than fifty countries around the world, English is considered an official language. At present, that the world is coming closer everyday with the help of technology and science, having a good command over this global language is very important. Many millions of students all over the world learn English each year. Nonetheless they strive very hard while doing so. Here is a list of some of the major issues faced by students of the world, in learning English as a foreign language.

Issues In Learning EnglishHesitance: Lots of children and adults realize that many people around them can read, speak and write in English but they cannot do so. They wish to learn English but the only thing that prevents them from doing so is their inner consciousness disguised as hesitance. They hesitate in attending a class to learn language in public. This is a major reason why a lot of people do not learn English, despite wishing to learn it.

Busy schedule: There are lots of students and professionals who want to learn the language but can’t do so because of their tight and busy schedule. They cannot seek out spare time out of their busy schedule to go to a traditional classroom and learn English. For those students the concept of online education has proved to be reasonable. Through online language training a student could learn English sitting at home whenever he or she gets free time.

Typical translation methods for teaching: Many teachers all around the world utilise a typical translation technique of teaching English language to the students. They translate words and sentences from their native languages to English in order to teach students. It’s very poor practice. Students adopt this practice and often make mistakes while speaking, reading or writing English. Teachers should teach students about the importance of sentence fragmentation.

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Deep sea of vocabulary and grammar rules: Lots of students start pursuing language training. After some time when they come to know about huge vocabulary and numerous grammar rules, they start thinking of the English language as a deep sea and are afraid of drowning in it. So they often accept their defeat and just stop learning. Students have to understand that the more efforts they put in the more fruitful the outcome will be.

Less practice: A number of students sail through the language training very smoothly yet they consider it difficult to speak English. The reason behind is lack of practice. Though students know about different grammar rules thoroughly and have a good vocabulary base yet they find it difficult to speak English fluently. Such students should often interact with other fluent English speakers – especially the native ones. The more they practice the better they will get. Pronunciation plays a very important part in speaking English so students have to be aware of correct pronunciation of each word.